Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Rebecca,

Guess what, Sister? Today I recieved my diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature! It took me two years to finish the Writing for Children and Teenagers course. I've learned so much and I  know it will benefit me in many ways. I earned six college credits besides.

You have helped me see that I have something to offer and that I can accomplish my dreams. You gave me my first sucess in writing with my Prayers of a Teacher book, even though that book was never published. Without your pushing me on, I likely wouldn't have gotten work published in so many books and magazines or the internet.

The course I just finished has helped me to determine the way I want to go with my work. Many writers think they want to write children's picture books and from the course work I came to the conclusion that this is not what I want to do most,  though I'm certain it would be fun. I want to write for women. I want to write gift books. I want to keep up my moms' column. This is the style of work I want to specialize in.

Thanks for the encouragement on my writing path. Thank you for trusting me with assignments. Thanks for giving me opportunities to stretch myself.

Love you, Elece

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