Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Mama,

I sure do miss you! It would be great if I could just drive over to see you sometimes. (If you lived less than twenty-one hours away.) If it didn't take so long to drive and at such an expense , besides missing work and school. To just be able to drop by and bring you some flowers, a meal, or a book would be so nice. We could drink a cup of coffee together and talk things over.

I've been married to Ron now for thirty-seven years and I love him, but it has been hard having to live so far from one, if not the most, influential person in my life. I have lived far away all of those years. Yet, you have always been a guide and an encourager to me--even long distance. Thank God for telephones!

I miss you, Mama. I will dream a little visit for us, remember your face, hear the cadence of your voice, and be near you, at least in heart.

Love you, Elece

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