Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dear Jordyn,

I do hope you will always remember how much your Grandma loves you. I loved you from the first moment I saw you. You were born when I was hurt and struggling through some hard times. You settled me. You gave me a new joy.

You have taught me to sing  with abandon. We sang Jinga-laaay-oo!, Sweetly sings the donkey, Moon River, and Amazing Grace. You helped me  stop and play like a child. You made me run with you. You begged me to take a turn on the swing. You rescued the dying artist inside of me. You stuck a brush in my hand and commanded; "Let's paint!

You begged me for stories and more stories. You laughed and remembered all the lines. You held flowers for my nose while you slowly sniffed and wondered at the scent.You pointed to stars and told me your dreams.

You prayed out loud at night and let me listen. You sat on the porch with me and taught me all you knew about God, "He made the whole world and grass for cows and made trees and stuck the ends in the ground. He is very big and he loves little kids to sit on his lap."

I had determined not to love you too deeply, to save me hurt should I ever lose you, but you won me over. You made me love you by just being the unique child you are, full of wonder, curiosity, and charm, softhearted, and a constant delight.You are my special treasure.

Love ya, Jordyn Rayne

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  1. Love this, Elece. You both are lucky to have each other!