Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Jesus,

Thanks so much for the chance to come to Michigan this winter to care for my ailing parents. I look out at the falling snow or the sunshine shining on the sparkling snow and my heart is filled with joy for the beauty of it all. I know you are in control and that you have been all along.

It has been hard facing the prospect of my folks aging. It has been hard knowing Dad has cancer and that I might soon have to give him up. I seem to remember Dad best when he was about thirty-five. Such a happy good man. Such a special dad. All my friends were always jealous and many of them liked to call him Dad. He is certainly a treasure.

Mama is a treasure too, although she has been sick for so long, many of her thirty-four grandchildren have never known her any other way. They don't remember what I do about her; how creative and skilled she was, how outgoing and strong and good. She is a mother that many would have gladly claimed because of her personality (and her beauty besides).

Thanks for placing me in this family, God. And thanks for the blessing of two great parents who always taught us to look up to you and to serve you for the joy and peace that you give.

Thanks for letting me be here with them, Lord. Help me to be the daughter they need. Help me to bless them in every way I can in these few days. Help me to treat them like I would treat you if I had the opportunity.

Love you,

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