Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Letter to My Heart

Dear Heart,

Hasn't it been a summer to remember? Through personal counseling you have come to understand yourself better and learned secrets to growing closer to family members while maintaining boundaries. Through marriage counseling, you and Ron have grown closer as you learned to overcome communication roadblocks. Through nature you have grown closer to God and learned to accept and appreciate who you are.

You have learned some patience through trials. You have gained some wisdom through reading the Bible. You have studied and educated yourself on some subjects that can make you a happier, fulfilled person. The use of a camera has opened up a new adventure, a new way of looking at things, a new appreciation of the world around you.

Watching your granddaughter, Madison, be born and welcomed into the world by a her family worked something golden into your spirit, like a glimpse of some treasure too beautiful to describe, one that makes your tongue go still and your heart ponder.

The trip with friends and family to Kentucky made you realize God's unquenchable love for you and that He longs to have you walk closer and serve together with Him to reach the coming generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Giving up your grip of motherhood on your daughter as she left the States was a trial, a pain-filled trial, but one that can build a stronger reliance on your husband and a stronger faith in God.

Yes, it has been a summer to remember, a summer of growth and change, a summer of God working in you to carry out His plans for you. Remember that.

Love you,

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